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The Prism Podcast

The Prism Podcast, hosted by Dr. Grant Ritchey and Dr. Clay Jones.  Analyzing the spectrum of science based medicine, critical thinking, and science communication since 2013.


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May 22, 2020

Brennen McKenzie DVM joins us to discuss his new book "Placebos for Pets?:  The Truth About Alternative Medicine in Animals."

We also have a conversation about how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected veterinary practices, pets, and pet owners in these unprecedented times.


Dec 3, 2019

Randi is a medical writer, and serves at Yale University as a Writer in Residence at the medical school and lecturer in the English Department. She is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Randi has worked as a medical writer for the London bureau of The Associated Press and was...

Apr 23, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Howard, neurologist and psychiatrist, talks about his book Cognitive Errors and Diagnostic Mistakes:  A Case-Based Guide to Critical Thinking in Medicine.  

Mar 5, 2019

Dr. Nathan Lents discusses his book Human Errors: A Panorama of Our Glitches, from Pointless Bones to Broken Genes about how evolution did just enough to get each generation to the next round of life.  Lots of weird things happened along the way.

Also, Clay and Grant discuss their secret trip to Skull Island. ...

Feb 1, 2019

We survived 100 episodes!  We get the band back together, with Jason, Clay, and Grant reminiscing and also talking about tongue ties.


Thank you to Mitzi and our other 6 listeners for sticking with us through all these years!